Why is Data Important for Law Firm Managers' Decision-Making?

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Day after day, law firm partners and managers confront operational problems, think about them, and make choices about what to do or not to do. In other words, they decide something. They would make better decisions if they took into account the data available to them. If they collect metrics and weave them into their deliberations, the outcomes will be both sounder and easier to explain. 

Two subtler and broader advantages from decision-making that incorporates numbers should be emphasized. First, it encourages a different way of thinking about decision-making than traditional approaches. Make it a practice throughout the firm to ground arguments in data and to present arguments buttressed with numbers, or else accept that a resolution rests on power, values, or ideology more than quantifiable evidence.   

Second, being mindful of data is being mindful of what you do. This is a deeper benefit arising from a law firm’s receptivity to data. A general awareness of metrics helps lawyers and others in law firms take stock of their processes, describe them and their output in more tangible, numerate terms (“15 10Ks reviewed this month” rather than “Lots of 10Ks”). They become more aware and reflective about what they are doing and how they might do better.

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