Managing Law Department Workloads: A Supply & Demand Framework

You missed the program, but you can still order the CD!

In-house lawyers often feel like they’re on the receiving end of a ‘fire hose’ of work from internal clients – overwhelming their best efforts to stretch limited resources.  While most law departments in this situation focus on optimizing how they supply legal services, many fewer have addressed the other lever available to them – controlling demand.

This 75-minute Altman Weil Webinar, Managing Law Department Workloads, will set forth an integrated supply and demand framework, with dozens of management tools and techniques that you can employ now to better balance and control your department workload and contribute greater value to your organization. Altman Weil’s expert presenters will draw on decades of experience advising in-house departments to describe what options are available and what works.

Topics include:

  • Why the framework makes sense
  • Demand management: Redirecting the flow of work
  • Clarifying department scope, roles and priorities
  • Educating, empowering and incentivizing clients
  • Supply side strategies: Beyond basic efficiencies
  • Maximizing value from outside providers
  • Upgrading in-house talent, tools and technology
  • Incorporating the analytic framework into your department

Who should attend:

  • General Counsel and Chief Legal Officers   
  • Senior law department lawyers who manage teams
  • In-house lawyers who struggle to manage their workloads
  • Law department operations managers
  • Law firms that want a better understanding of in-house issues

Program presenters:

Rees W. Morrison, Principal, Altman Weil, Inc.
James S. Wilber, Principal, Altman Weil, Inc.


A complete flash recording of the audio and video portions of the webinar on CD is available for those who missed the program. 

$295 plus shipping and handling for each CD recording.

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