Cross-Selling: Working Together to Get More Work From Existing Clients

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Excerpted from: 
Secrets of the Masters: The Business Development Guide for Lawyers
by David H. Freeman, J.D.
Ark Group, London, 2013 

Cross-selling is the Holy Grail for most law firms. Done well, it can generate significantly more revenue and deepen relationships with important clients. On the surface, it seems like it should be easy to do. Get lawyers in your firm to make introductions to their clients in order to sell additional services to them. Your lawyers hopefully like you enough to do it, it’s in their financial interest (either directly through origination credits, or indirectly through greater revenue for the firm), and clients benefit if they have a real need in that area.

If it makes so much sense, why doesn’t it happen more often? The truth is, when you look under the hood, you’ll find it’s actually a very complicated process, with many moving parts that must mesh properly to be effective. In this Chapter, our experts will provide tools and techniques for optimizing from your cross-selling opportunities.

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