Practice Group Planning in 60 Minutes

Every law firm practice group should have a fact-based plan that establishes clear goals, identifies specific actions and delegates responsibility to execute them.  Too many groups have plans that are overly-ambitious, unfocused or simply ignored.

This Altman Weil Webinar, Practice Group Planning in 60 Minutes, presents a practical and insightful guide to creating a highly-effective plan.  In one fast-paced hour, you will get the tools, templates and worksheets you need to formulate a solid, realistic plan and successfully execute it.

       Topics include:

  • Formulating a Business Purpose Statement for the group
  • Analyzing group capabilities and client needs
  • Identifying and prioritizing business development targets
  • Developing a short list of key goals
  • Outlining specific, measurable action items
  • Overcoming common hurdles to plan implementation

    Who should attend:
  • Practice Group leaders
  • Planning and Executive Committee members
  • Firm administrators
  • Marketing professionals


A complete flash recording of the audio and video portions of the webinar on CD is available for those who missed the program. 

$295 plus shipping and handling for each CD recording.

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