Cotterman on Profitability - 3 Disc Set

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We have compiled three best-selling presentations from world-renowned law firm finance expert Jim Cotterman on analyzing, recalibrating, and managing the levers of profitability in your law firm.

Cotterman on Profitability covers how firms can develop new profitability analysis tools that will better inform strategic decision-making, apply key business precepts within the law firm context to improve the bottom line, and use profitability data to make operationally-aligned compensation decisions.

The 3-Disc Set includes:

Law Firm Profitability

Disc 1 covers how to determine your law firm's current profitability profile and act upon it to enhance overall performance. 

Topics include:

  • Why all million-dollar practices are not the same
  • Assessing practices, matters, fee-earners and clients
  • Aligning costs and pricing
  • Recasting project teams for greater profitability
  • Identifying revenue leakage
  • Considering profitability in compensation decisions
  • Applying profitability data to strategic management decisions

75 minutes plus Q&A   

Improving Profits Per Partner

Disc 2 looks at the drivers of law firm profitability in the current legal market, and sets forth some provocative ideas on how your firm can change to improve its profitability. 

Topics include:

  • Achieving rapid improvement in profits per partner
  • Why growth is not part of the profit model
  • Responding to the pressures of commoditization
  • Assessing client profitability
  • Making bottom-line decisions about compensation
  • Stopping revenue ‘leakage’
  • Driving down costs: People, Process, Space
  • Embracing technology to stay in the game

90 minutes

Linking Partner Compensation with Profitability

Disc 3 outlines how to effectively incorporate the profit metric into your compensation process, providing your firm with a new tool to identify and reward performance that drives profitability. 

Topics include:

  • Why the comp model is changing
  • Utilizing Net Contribution Analysis
  • Refining your compensation decision process
  • Compensation scenarios: Incorporating the profit metric
  • Considering context: Actual v. Budget v. Market performance
  • Application within lock-step or tiered systems
  • Cultural implications for the firm as a whole
  • Laying the groundwork for transition

65 minutes plus Q&A

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- $885 for one 3-disc set
- $1,289 for two 3-disc sets
- $1,695 for three 3-disc sets 

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