From Data to Strategy to Graphical Explanation - Beyond Bar Charts

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An effective and energizing strategy for a law firm should draw on a foundation of supporting facts.  Moreover, while promoting and implementing the strategy, leaders of firms ought to share at least some of those facts and should do so clearly and persuasively

One of the most common types of graphs to present data is the bar or column plot.  Law firm communications rely on that chart style reflexively and constantly, usually to convey aggregated information.  As a few instances, a bar plot might show average billable hours by office, median realization rates by practice area, or annual billings from top clients by partner.

Particularly in the arena of strategic initiatives, much more can be done by law firms than the plodding, common plot style.  Law firm leaders can both interpret data more insightfully and explain their conclusions more impactfully when they go beyond the ubiquitous bar chart.  This article starts with the conventional style but then introduces seven less-known techniques.

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