Is There a Growth Imperative?

In the current legal market, law firms need breadth and depth to serve clients, capture new market share and stay competitive. But, at the same time, firms risk over-capacity, diluted profitability, and sometimes the survival of the firm itself, if they make the wrong choices about growth. It’s a balancing act.

This 90-minute Altman Weil Webinar, Is There a Growth Imperative?, discusses good and bad reasons to grow your law firm, how to think strategically and systematically about growth, and how to develop an objective plan of action for your firm.

Topics include:

  • When do clients care about headcount?
  • Some statistics on post-recession market growth
  • Excess capacity in a flat or declining market
  • Impediments and false incentives to growth
  • Differentiation: The mid-sized firm’s dilemma
  • Bulking up vs. trading up: Size and profitability
  • Geographic options in a saturated market
  • Alternatives to growth: Lawyers on call (but not on the payroll)
  • Leverage: How many associates or non-equity partners do you need?
  • Developing an objective plan for your firm

Who should attend:

  • Chairs and Managing Partners
  • Executive Committee members
  • Strategy Officers
  • Executive Directors and Chief Administrators
  • Any partner with a stake in your firm's future

Program presenters:

Ward Bower, Principal, Altman Weil, Inc.
Thomas S. Clay, Principal, Altman Weil, Inc.

ORDER THE CD NOW: Email or call 610-886-2008.

A complete flash recording of the audio and video portions of the webinar on CD is available for those who missed the program.

$295 plus shipping and handling for each CD recording.

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