Law Department Management and Organization

Date   Title Author(s)
November 10, 2015   2015 Chief Legal Officer Survey - Summary & Analysis Altman Weil, Inc.
July 1, 2003 Aligning Your Law Department for Peak Performance
August 1, 2004   Aligning Your Law Department for Peak Performance: Organizational Structure
June 30, 2006   Are You a Go-to Lawyer?
October 1, 2006   Avoiding In-House Conflicts
May 7, 2003   Benchmarking and Best Practices in Managing In-house Law Departments
January 6, 2006   Client Surveys Can Demonstrate Your Law Department's Value Marci M. Krufka
June 1, 2003   Does Your Law Department Need an Administrator? Debra L. Rhodunda
March 8, 2010   Doing More For Less - Leveraging Important Work Through Law Department Business Managers James S. Wilber
September 3, 2009   Effective Management of Outside Counsel: Tools of the Trade
May 1, 2006   Ethics Issues Arise Between the Law Firm and Its Client
November 4, 2016   Five Techniques for Selecting and Managing Outside Counsel Without Upsetting the Applecart James S. Wilber
September 1, 2008   General Counsels' Pet Peeves
March 1, 2007   Got Mentoring?
February 1, 2006   How To Keep Those In-House Lawyers
May 1, 2002   Law Department Planning - What's on Your Horizon? Debra L. Rhodunda
January 1, 2006   Law Departments: Using e-Billing to Manage Outside Counsel Costs Marci M. Krufka
March 4, 2016   Law Firm - Law Department Collaboration Ward Bower
Thomas S. Clay
James D. Cotterman
Rees W. Morrison
James S. Wilber
October 1, 2004   Law Firm Diet: Reduce Firms - Reduce Costs?
May 4, 2018   Legal Operations Managers: At the Intersection of Business and the Practice of Law James S. Wilber
February 2, 2011   Legal Project Management: A Value Triple Play for Law Departments James S. Wilber
October 1, 2007   Looking for Lawyers
September 21, 2006   Make Smarter Management Decisions: Leverage New Benchmarking Data to Support Your Business Strategies James S. Wilber
January 8, 2015   Managing a Corporate Law Department in 2015
November 1, 2000   Never Reorganize Your Law Department - Again
February 1, 2009   Risky Business - Effective Legal Risk Management Requires Strong Leadership from General Counsel
October 1, 2007   Sometimes You Get What You Pay For...Sometimes Not
April 1, 2008   Staffing Global Legal Departments - Building a Core Team for International Operations
June 1, 2005   Success in Hiring In-House Lawyers and Staff
January 1, 2007   The Effective In-House Lawyer, Knowing How to Say No to a Client James S. Wilber
February 1, 2003   The Importance of Law Department Performance Benchmarking Debra L. Rhodunda
November 4, 2010   The Internal Value Challenge: New Strategies for Law Department Structure
July 29, 2008   Time to Bring Legal Work Inside?
January 7, 2019   Twelve Leadership Resolutions for 2019 Thomas S. Clay
James D. Cotterman
Rees W. Morrison

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