Strategy Webinars

Date   Title Author(s)
June 27, 2018   Aligning Partnership Standards with a Changing Market Thomas S. Clay
James D. Cotterman
December 11, 2012   Client-Centric Law Firm Leadership Thomas S. Clay
Daniel J. DiLucchio, Jr.
October 2, 2018   Competing for Clients: A Strategic Reset Thomas S. Clay
November 1, 2012   E-Discovery Strategies for Law Firms Daniel J. DiLucchio, Jr.
April 27, 2010   Effective Acquisition of Laterals Alan R. Olson
Eric A. Seeger
June 22, 2017   Existential Threats to Law Firms James D. Cotterman
December 10, 2014   Five Things To Do in 2015 Eric A. Seeger
December 8, 2016   Five Things To Do in 2017 Eric A. Seeger
January 26, 2012   High-Performance Partnerships Thomas S. Clay
June 26, 2014   Improving Profits Per Partner James D. Cotterman
October 2, 2014   Is There a Growth Imperative? Ward Bower
Thomas S. Clay
February 15, 2018   Law Firm Combination Strategies Thomas S. Clay
December 12, 2017   Law Firm Performance Accelerators Thomas S. Clay
Eric A. Seeger
March 27, 2012   Law Firm Profitability James D. Cotterman
October 20, 2010   Law Firm Succession Planning Alan R. Olson
Eric A. Seeger
November 16, 2010   Law Firms in Transition Ward Bower
Thomas S. Clay
April 12, 2011   Legal Project Management Initiatives: A Strategic Approach Thomas S. Clay
James S. Wilber
October 27, 2009   Leverage, Lockstep and the Changing Associate Model James D. Cotterman
March 14, 2013   Non-Equity Partnership Strategies Thomas S. Clay
James D. Cotterman
March 4, 2014   Non-Lawyer Specialists: New Roles to Boost the Bottom Line Eric A. Seeger
James S. Wilber
May 22, 2018   Planning Fundamentals for Small and Mid-Sized Law Firms Alan R. Olson
January 25, 2011   Post-Recession Strategies for Law Firms Daniel J. DiLucchio, Jr.
Eric A. Seeger
February 4, 2014   Pricing Strategies that Lock in Clients Thomas S. Clay
March 3, 2016   Retaining Key Clients When Partners Retire Alan R. Olson
February 24, 2015   Strategic Differentiation: A Leadership Imperative Thomas S. Clay
December 4, 2013   Strategic Planning Ward Bower
Eric A. Seeger
September 27, 2012   Strategic Responses to Change in the Legal Market Thomas S. Clay
May 31, 2012   The New Economics of Law Firm Partnership Thomas S. Clay
Alan R. Olson
June 23, 2016   Too Many Lawyers - Not Enough Work James D. Cotterman
May 16, 2019   What Clients Want in 2019 Eric A. Seeger
James S. Wilber
February 28, 2012   When Should Law Firms Merge? Ward Bower

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