Strategy and Management

Date   Title Author(s)
October 9, 2014   2014: Law Firms in Transition Eric A. Seeger
September 17, 2008   2020 Legal Transformation Study Ward Bower
September 9, 2019   63 Tactics for Operational Improvement - Law Firms in Transition 2019 Thomas S. Clay
Eric A. Seeger
March 7, 2014   A Growing Problem? Ward Bower
January 9, 2017   A Simple Exercise to Differentiate Your Practice Eric A. Seeger
March 8, 2010   Alternative Fee Arrangements - The Time Has Finally Come Thomas S. Clay
Daniel J. DiLucchio, Jr.
April 10, 2015   An Argument for More Non-Hourly Billing Eric A. Seeger
February 2, 2010   An Economic and Demographic Case for Alternative Fee Agreements James D. Cotterman
January 1, 2001   Are You Wasting an Important Asset? The Case for Strategic Referrals Ward Bower
February 9, 2018   Assembling a Strategic Planning Committee that Works Eric A. Seeger
February 1, 2002   Branch Offices: Risky Business or Significant Opportunity? Thomas S. Clay
April 5, 2013   Clients and the Value Proposition Thomas S. Clay
Daniel J. DiLucchio, Jr.
July 13, 2010   Critical Questions to Qualify a Lateral Candidate Eric A. Seeger
May 1, 2008   Cultural Due Diligence for Lateral Hires Alan R. Olson
January 1, 2004   Demographic Analysis: Foreshadowing the Future of Your Firm Alan R. Olson
July 13, 2010   Do-It-Yourself Lateral Hiring Eric A. Seeger
February 7, 2019   Empower Your Chief Administrator James S. Wilber
April 6, 2016   Existential Threats to Law Firms Ward Bower
February 1, 2003   First Thing We Do, Let's Reduce the Number of Lawyers: Effective Utilization of Paralegals Requires Breaking the Legal Food Chain James S. Wilber
February 20, 2013   Four Critical Transitions: Leading Law Firms in the Post-Recession Economy Thomas S. Clay
September 1, 2009   Getting Things Done and Developing Law Firm Leaders Through Project Teams Eric A. Seeger
May 3, 2017   How to Develop Deeper and Stronger Client Relationships Thomas S. Clay
May 1, 2002   How to Profit in the Upturn Thomas S. Clay
July 8, 2019   In-Depth: Market Threats 2019 Thomas S. Clay
James D. Cotterman
Eric A. Seeger
James S. Wilber
February 2, 2011   Initiating Client Succession in Your Law Firm Eric A. Seeger
September 9, 2016   Innovation Committee Charter Eric A. Seeger
March 1, 2005   IP Practice Strategies Ward Bower
November 8, 2012   It’s Your Business: Invest Like an Owner Thomas S. Clay
James D. Cotterman
February 1, 2007   Keys to Building Key Clients, The "Key Client" Principle Alan R. Olson
February 14, 2006   Lateral Growth, Strategic Planning: Top Law Firm Management Tools Ward Bower
April 1, 2008   Lateral Hires and Due Diligence - Strategic and Financial Review Alan R. Olson
March 11, 2019   Lateral Partner Checklist James D. Cotterman
March 4, 2016   Law Firm - Law Department Collaboration Ward Bower
Thomas S. Clay
James D. Cotterman
Daniel J. DiLucchio, Jr.
Eric A. Seeger
James S. Wilber
December 15, 2016   Law Firm Pivot Points Alan R. Olson
February 10, 2020   Law Firm Succession Planning: Do One Simple Thing Alan R. Olson
May 18, 2016   Law Firms in Transition 2016: An Executive Summary Thomas S. Clay
Eric A. Seeger
May 30, 2017   Law Firms in Transition 2017: An Executive Summary Thomas S. Clay
Eric A. Seeger
June 8, 2018   Law Firms in Transition 2018: An Executive Summary Thomas S. Clay
Eric A. Seeger
June 6, 2019   Law Firms in Transition 2019: An Executive Summary Thomas S. Clay
Eric A. Seeger
October 7, 2013   Lawyer Staffing Models - An Altman Weil Commentary Thomas S. Clay
July 6, 2017   Making Committees Work Alan R. Olson
January 1, 2004 Making the Grade: What Should Law Firm Ownership Really Mean? James D. Cotterman
March 1, 2007   Managing for Superior Paralegal Profitability James S. Wilber
June 1, 2005   Managing Multi-Office Firms Stephen R. Chitwood and James B. Pyle
February 6, 2014   Managing Your Portfolio of Practices with a New Level of Strategic Planning Alan R. Olson
February 7, 2019   Moving the Middle: Optimizing Leadership Time to Improve Productivity Thomas S. Clay
May 1, 2003   Practice Management Primer James D. Cotterman
September 10, 2018   Pricing Strategies to Add Value, Protect Profitability and Develop New Business Thomas S. Clay
February 1, 2003   Senior Counsel Programs - Or: Older is Looking Younger to Me All the Time Alan R. Olson
July 9, 2018   Seven Dimensions of Differentiation Thomas S. Clay
October 7, 2019   Six Core Attributes of Successful Law Firm Turnarounds James D. Cotterman
February 1, 2006   Sprinting Toward a Brick Wall: Baby Boomers Need Retirement Options Alan R. Olson
October 1, 2004   Strategic Planning - The Second Time Around Ward Bower
June 27, 2014   Strategic Planning in a Post-Recession Market Ward Bower
Eric A. Seeger
October 1, 2003   Strategic Responses to Trends in the Legal Profession Ward Bower
October 2, 2006   Strategic Segmentation - Your Differences Can Make You Stronger Alan R. Olson
August 1, 2001   Strategic Self-Assessment Ward Bower
June 4, 2015   Strategies to Successfully Change Law Firm Culture Thomas S. Clay
January 9, 2012   Strategy Determines Trends in No-Growth Legal Economy Ward Bower
January 1, 2001   Strategy in a Down Economy Ward Bower
October 4, 2012   Succession for Sustainability James D. Cotterman
January 1, 2002   Ten Keys to Success in a Small Law Practice Ward Bower
January 10, 2000   The Art of Delegating Legal Work Alan R. Olson
May 8, 2013   The Benefits of LPM Jim Hassett, Ph. D.
February 1, 2005   The Passing of the Baton James D. Cotterman
February 19, 2015   The Search for Your Firm's Next Legal Administrator James S. Wilber
April 6, 2018   The Twelve Most Important Things for a New Partner To Do James D. Cotterman
October 6, 2017   Three Timely Questions for Law Firm Leaders Eric A. Seeger
February 1, 2009   Tips for Effective Law Firm Planning Eric A. Seeger
July 1, 2005   Top Ten Law Firm Don'ts Michael C. Ross
January 1, 2006   Top Ten Tips for Effective Utilization of Paralegals James S. Wilber
April 1, 2007   Transitioning Key Clients Alan R. Olson
January 8, 2016   Twelve Ways to Improve Your Firm in 2016 Ward Bower
Thomas S. Clay
James D. Cotterman
Alan R. Olson
Eric A. Seeger
James S. Wilber
September 7, 2017   Under-Performing Lawyers: Fast Facts from Law Firms in Transition 2017 Altman Weil, Inc.
September 7, 2012   What Are the Obligations of Partners? Thomas S. Clay
September 10, 2018   What Can Law Firms Do to Win New Business? Thomas S. Clay
James D. Cotterman
Alan R. Olson
Eric A. Seeger
James S. Wilber
November 7, 2014   What Clients Want: A Law Firm Cheat Sheet Daniel J. DiLucchio, Jr.
February 9, 2018   What Do Most Law Firms Misunderstand About Clients? Thomas S. Clay
James D. Cotterman
Alan R. Olson
James S. Wilber
May 13, 2019   What Is Expected from a Partner? James D. Cotterman
October 9, 2015   What Keeps Managing Partners Awake? Ward Bower
September 7, 2017   What Should Law Firms Do About Non-Equity Partnership James D. Cotterman
September 8, 2014   What Should Law Firms Do to Improve Profitability and Legal Project Management? Jim Hassett, Ph.D.
March 9, 2020   What's the Plan? Strategic Planning Trends in Law Firms Altman Weil, Inc.
March 1, 2002   What's Your Firm's Survivability Ward Bower
June 1, 2002   When Does a Client Become Too Big or Too Important? Ward Bower
February 10, 2020   Why Reducing Underperformers' Compensation Doesn't Work Eric A. Seeger
January 1, 2002   Why the Future Looks Good for Smaller Law Firms Ward Bower
August 1, 2003   Works Well With Others: Building the Collaborative Law Firm Charles A. Maddock

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