Legal Project Management Training

Sweeping changes in today’s legal marketplace have created powerful incentives for law firms to manage legal matters more efficiently and effectively.  Clients are demanding more alternative fee arrangements, greater predictability, improved accountability, and, above all, cost containment from their law firms.  Project Management—a disciplined, systematic, task-based approach to work process—can provide law firms with some key tools to respond to these client demands. 

Altman Weil has led the marketplace in adapting the proven corporate practice of project management to the unique legal arena.  Our experts provide programs to help law firms integrate Legal Project Management (LPM) into their practices, processes and culture.

Introduction to Legal Project Management

This introduction and overview presents the basic concepts:

  • Legal Project Management defined and explained
  • How project management works in a law firm setting
  • A case study example to illustrate LPM approaches and techniques

An overview session for key firm leaders will lay the groundwork for a firmwide initiative, create buy-in among influential members and develop a common language and understanding for Legal Project Management in your law firm.

Developing a LPM Training Program

Because Legal Project Management should be a firmwide undertaking involving all fee-earners, it is most practical and cost effective for law firms to internalize the training process.  Altman Weil works with firms to develop the structure and content of an effective, customized LPM training program.  Using real-life case and matter scenarios, we train groups of firm practitioners who in turn can lead an ongoing initiative within the firm. The LPM Training Program includes:

  • Clear and manageable protocols for planning and managing legal projects
  • A budget creation and tracking process
  • LPM tools, templates and techniques
  • Case study design based on matters relevant to your practitioners and their practice areas
  • Communication and reporting standards (internal and external)
  • Post-project review methodology

Altman Weil experts draw on extensive knowledge of how law firms work to create LPM training programs that will deliver sustainable, long-term results for your firm. 

How You Benefit

Through the use of a disciplined project management approach, your firm will be able to manage legal matters more profitably, even in competitive pricing situations. You will establish predictable budgets for internal and external use. Above all, you will improve client satisfaction due to increased communication throughout the life of a matter and by demonstrating a shared commitment to maximizing service quality while managing legal costs.

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