Executive Search Services

Altman Weil offers search services to law firms seeking executive directors, chief operating officers, human resources directors, financial officers, marketing directors, and other administrative personnel. In addition, we provide services to law departments seeking administrative managers.

Our Executive Search program offers:

Industry-specific knowledge - Because Altman Weil works with law firms and law departments every day, we understand the needs of your organization.

Selectivity - We will never waste your time or money on marginally qualified candidates. We conduct a rigorous screening process before recommending the three or four best candidates to you for a final round of interviews.

The right 'fit' - Only experienced consultants will handle your search, using their years of judgment to determine what is really needed in the position and which candidates have the potential to succeed in your organization.

An extensive network of contacts - Altman Weil maintains a database of current resumes from qualified candidates in the legal profession that enables us to quickly identify potential leads for your position. We also have a long-standing relationship with the Association of Legal Administrators that extends our network of contacts throughout the legal industry.

A cost-effective search - Even the most time-consuming search will come in thousands less than what typical headhunters charge. Altman Weil's pricing formula saves you money.

No ulterior motives - Unlike search firms working for a contingency fee, we are only looking for the right candidate for the job. We work for you.

How You Benefit

You get top-notch law office personnel who succeed in your organization -- and save time and money on the search process.

Visit the Altman Weil Job Bank to see a listing of positions for which we are currently recruiting.

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