Altman Weil Law Firm Seminars

Altman Weil Leadership Seminars are designed for Managing Partners, Executive Committee members, Practice Group leaders and other law firm leaders.  Topics include firm leadership, partner compensation, practice group management and much more.  Each seminar also can be conducted in-house and customized to address your firm’s unique issues. 

In addition to our nationally-recognized leadership roundtables, we offer briefings on key issues and current trends in a series of Altman Weil WebinarsRecordings of past webinars are also available.

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Date Seminar Location
June 22, 2017 Existential Threats to Law Firms ORDER THE CD
July 20, 2017 Too Many Lawyers - Not Enough Work ORDER THE CD
November 14, 2017 Lateral Compensation: Buying Market Share ORDER THE CD
December 12, 2017 Law Firm Performance Accelerators ORDER THE CD
February 15, 2018 Law Firm Combination Strategies ORDER THE CD
March 21, 2018 Legal Operations Managers: Adding Law Department Value WEBINAR
June 5, 2018 Excellence in Law Firm Leadership Atlanta

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