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The level of service to law department clients can be inconsistent among different business units and executives in the corporation.  Clients may be less than completely satisfied with the services they receive or not know who to turn to in the law department for specific needs.  Some clients may “shop” among the in-house lawyers for the answers they want, or independently seek outside counsel for their advice.

It’s imperative that the law department know how satisfied their clients are with the level of service provided and what they can do to make improvements.  Simply by asking the right questions, a law department can make strides in demonstrating its commitment to quality service.

We will help you improve client service levels with:

Client Satisfaction Surveys

Altman Weil has pioneered client satisfaction surveys in legal organizations.  We can benchmark your results against the performance of other departments.  A survey will help you identify critical issues and prioritize steps necessary to achieve high degrees of client satisfaction.  Surveys can be supplemented with one-on-one interviews with key clients.

Client Service Programs

We will help you develop a systematic program to address all aspects of client service, including improved communications, responsiveness, role clarity, cooperative partnering with business units, preventive law programs, and other key service factors.

Service Level Agreements

Written service level agreements can be invaluable in identifying client needs and expectations and aligning them with lawyer roles and responsibilities.  Our consultants can assist you in developing agreements that will strengthen your department’s relationship with its clients.

Client Service Alignment

Client service teams, whether organized by practice, by region or by business unit, can be extremely useful in strengthening communications, accountability and the department’s overall ability to deliver the highest quality client service.  We will work with you to redesign your law department structure around the client groups it serves.

How You Benefit

You will identify the key service issues important to your clients, improve communications, clarify lawyer roles, agree on expectations and responsibilities, and consistently deliver on your commitment to superior client service.

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