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Altman Weil is a national consulting leader on the critical issue of lawyer compensation. We have conducted extensive research on compensation practices in the legal profession, and have authored the definitive book on law firm compensation.

Our experts can help you ensure that your compensation decisions are internally equitable, externally competitive and incorporate the economic and non-economic performance factors driving your firm‘s strategic objectives. We will combine our decades of experience and market knowledge with your firm’s unique philosophy and values to produce an optimal outcome.

We can perform a complete review of your firm’s compensation program.

Compensation Program Review

  • Assess internal consistency and market competitiveness of compensation decisions
  • Align compensation decisions with firm strategy and culture
  • Compare your firm’s compensation practices with peer firms
  • Improve Compensation Committee effectiveness
  • Review associate compensation and bonus programs

Or we can advise on key issues that may create stumbling blocks in an otherwise effective compensation program.

Key Compensation Issues

Compensation for law firm leaders
Compensation for lateral hires
Compensation risk assessment to avoid key partner defections
Compensation programs for retiring partners
Compensation alignment in law firm mergers
Compensation approaches for under-productive partners
Compensation relating to large premium fee situations

How You Benefit

You will develop a fair and competitive compensation program that allows you to attract and retain the right lawyers. You will resolve compensation issues quickly and effectively before they snowball into major problems that could destabilize your law firm.

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