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Changes in the legal market – and in client expectations – are driving significant changes in law firm strategy. Plans made only a few years ago may no longer be relevant in today’s dynamic and ultra-competitive environment.

Altman Weil has over four decades of experience working with law firms on strategic plan formulation, review and implementation. Our experts will help you create a strategic plan that establishes clear direction for your firm and sets specific priorities to achieve your goals.

Our consultants will work with your firm to:

Assess your current market position

The best plan will be different for each firm based on its particular circumstances, economics, practice mix, client base, local markets, and competitive position.

Gather input from key players

An effective plan requires input from clients and buy-in from partners.

Set goals that are both ambitious and pragmatic

Your plan should have a meaningful payoff, while remaining grounded in a realistic understanding of what can be accomplished,

Develop a plan that advances the firm’s competitive position

Your plan will set forth the firm’s desired strategic positioning over three- and five-year horizons with goals and action steps to get you there.

Design a detailed implementation process

Effective plans must be executed – and that requires assigning responsibilities, budgets and deadlines.

Present the plan at a firm meeting or partner retreat

A well-orchestrated roll-out can have a powerful impact on the plan’s ultimate success.

Periodically review the plan

A good plan is a living document. It should be revisited and revised regularly to reflect current realities and new opportunities.

Altman Weil’s Approach to Strategic Planning

We understand that the planning process must be customized to each firm, its culture and stage of development. We are ready to address common hurdles to planning like resistance to change, political in-fighting or lack of motivation. And we recognize that a new plan will have ramifications throughout the organization that must be carefully considered.

  • We aren’t just facilitators. We will candidly address difficult issues, share our extensive knowledge of law firm best practices, and provide a blueprint to guide your firm toward its strategic goals.
  • We embrace innovation. We invest our time and resources in studying how law firms are changing, assess the value and importance of new trends, learn how firms can leverage change—and share those insights with our clients.
  • We are always monitoring the market. We continually conduct quantitative and qualitative research on the legal profession to keep up to date on the latest trends and best practices.
  • We are specialists. When you hire Altman Weil, you have access to a team of subject experts who have deep knowledge and broad experience in a variety of specialties including law firm strategy, profitability, pricing, growth, client development, succession planning, compensation and leadership. We also have a group of consultants who work with corporate law departments and understand what general counsel are looking for in the law firms they select.

How You Benefit

By investing in the strategic planning process, you will clarify and refocus your firm’s thinking, turn change to your advantage and reposition your firm to compete in the new legal economy.

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